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New in Genshin Impact: Youimiya - your skills and properties

With the second banner Vongenshin Impact Patch 2.0, the fireworks crazy Yoimiya Naganohara receives the entry into the game. We from Meinmmo show you who she is and what she can.

Who is Yoimiya? Yoimiya comes from the island of Narukami from Inazuma. She is also better known as the "Queen of the Summer Festival". The title of the queen carries them, as they are known as the best pyrotechnician from Inazuma. In addition, Yoimiya is the heir of "Naganohara's fireworks" shop, which has been there for a long time on Narukami. Every year, it is responsible for the fireworks during the summer party in the capital inazuma and thus makes everyone stuck everywhere again.

In the children in Inazuma she is known as a "heroic sister" and has a solution to each problem. But not only children, she is open-minded. With her smile and bright light fireworks, Yoimiya inspires travelers and enlightens new possibilities. She always tries her best to help people in need.

Her passion is all kinds of fireworks and their production. It is firmly convinced that the most beautiful fireworks take place together with the most miraculous moments. The fireworks catch, according to Yoimiya, even the tiny smallest emotions.

Also in their free time Yoimiya mostly deals with fireworks. Besides, she just like to play with everyone, reading books and chat with people. In addition, she has a lactose intolerance and prefer to eat snacks in between than great main courses.

Yoimiya is considered "the best in summer on Narukami". You can also see this in the figures preview of your

Naganohara Yoimiya - Skills and Element

What can Yoimiya? Yoimiya is a pyro-Damage dealer. So you use the fire element to make damage to opponents with your bow. Matching the fire element, it uses your self-made fireworks to attack or highlight enemies so that your team members can also align pyro damage.

What are your properties? Yoimiya carries the title "Expanded Flames" and brings the following properties:

  • Weapon: Bow
  • Belonging: Naganohara fireworks
  • Star picture: Carassius Auratus
  • Divine Eye: Fire

What does she own for attacks and skills? Yoimiya is only the second pyro character that uses a bow. This can do this exactly with your arc:

  • Standard attack: leads up to five arrow shots
  • Violent blow: performs a targeted shot with higher damage and higher accuracy. Depending on the length of charging, the attack causes different effects:
    • Charging Level 1: Shoots a Fire Arrow, which causes pyro damage
    • Charging Level 2: Creating up to 3 fire arrows, which are fired together with the shot, depending on the length of charging. You automatically search for opponents nearby and cause pyro damage
  • Elemental ability: "Niwabi Fire Dance": Converts the arrows for 10 seconds and causes increased pyro damage with you. During the duration of the element of the elemental ability, Yoimiya recharging level 2 can not reach in the heavy blow. The effect ends early when it is replaced
  • Special ability: "Ryuukin-Steinbrech": fireworks rackets are fired on the opponents and cause pyro-surface damage. In addition, a hit opponent is marked. Then "Ryuukin-Lohe" is activated for 10 seconds:
    • Triggers at the meeting of marking opponents with standard attacks, fierce strokes, attacks in the case, elementary capabilities and special skills of all troop members, except yoimiya itself, an explosion that causes pyro-surface damage
    • Should a marked opponent be defeated faster than the effective time, the brand will automatically jump on the remaining duration of duration on an opponent who is nearby
    • Between the explosions there is a cooldown of 2 seconds
    • The effect ends immediately when Yoimiya is defeated

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The constellations of Yoimiya

What are constellations? If you receive a character in Genshin Impact several times, you can unlock constellations. Each character has six constellations, of which constellation three and five always increases the stage of elementary and special ability by three. These are the other important constellations of Yoimiya:

  • 1. Star picture: extends the duration of the duration of Ryuukin-Lohe by 4 seconds. In addition, during the duration of the duration of Ryuukin-Lohe Yoimiya's attack increases by 20% for 20 seconds when the opponent is defeated, which is affected by Yoimiya's specially created lobe
  • 2 . Star picture: If Yoimiya's Pyro damage causes a critical hit, Yoimiya's pyro damage increases by 25% for 6 seconds. The effect remains, even if Yoimiya is no longer on the field
  • 4 . Star picture: explodes the Ryuukin-Lohe, which has created Yoimiya itself, reduces the cooldown of Niwabi fire dance by 1.2 seconds
  • 6 . Star picture: With a probability of 50%, an additional arrow is shot down in standard attacks and causes 60% of the actual damage from the standard attack.

"It's not fun to play Yoimiya"

What Content Creator says to Yoimiya? Every time a new character appears, it has become routine to evaluate it and share his opinion with the community as Youtuber or Streamer. Most are not completely convinced by Yoimiya:

  • "If your meta player is, prefer to draw a archon. (...) Baal will be much stronger than Yoimiya. "- Asianguystream (via YouTube)
  • "Yoimiya is missing in this game on area damage. In Genshin Impact, area damage is very important. "- Zy0x (via YouTube)
  • "I leave the damage aside. It's not fun to play Yoimiya. It is always driving me to Kazuha. "- Enviosity (via YouTube)

However, all of them agree that in Genshin Impact you should definitely pay attention to having fun with his characters. Even if the endgame dungeon is not perfect, it is not only worth drawing a character because of the damage. You see Yoimiya in the middle area and believe that you make yourself good in the team between kyro-, hydraulic and electro characters.

Sevyplays has put more hope in Yoimiya's skills:

We have only seen 50% to 60% of Yoimiya's potential. If we can actually equip you fit, it will be really strong. Notwithstanding that it has unlocked the third constellation when testing.

Sevyplays via YouTube

What does the community say? Some players have the fear that Yoimiya will be a bad character.

"Please do not leave Yoimiya the worst 5 star. So many people call them bad. It is daunting. "- Ashen (Via Twitter)

Others are convinced of them and have prepared themselves perfectly:

"I'll unlock your constellation until level 6 and pull your weapon. I do not care what others say. It will be fine at the end anyway and master the challenges, like all other characters too. [...] "- Tyler Le (via Twitter)

Some are ready to skip Yoimiya for Baal:

"Even if I like Yoimiya, I have to skip you. My heart and interwoven fates are the Almighty Baal. Lol. "- Colm Fox (Via Twitter)

* When can I play Yoimiya? * Yomiya is playable during your quest in Inazuma for a brief moment. So it is easier to predict where your potential lies. It is equipped with the 5-star weapon "Donnerpuls", the artifact set "Old Hofritual" and its constellation is open to level three. However, their potential can not be fully exhausted because the artifact set is not optimal for you and has no pyro-Damage bonus stat. But completely in the game, she comes later.

Yoimiyas Banner - Possible Release

When is the banners with Yoimiya? Since Yoimiya was announced with Sayu and Ayaka together for patch 2.0 and Ayaka is already available until 10th August, Yoimiya will most likely follow it directly. Already in the past, the banners were replaced against new in the evening or in the morning. This depends on when the prayer banner expires. Yoimiya will appear in the evening on 10th August from about 19 clock to 20 clock, as Ayakas Banner comes to an end at 18:59.

In addition, it is still interesting for most players who will be 4-star characters with in the banner. In the case, it is likely that the Anemo-Ninja Sayu will also appear in the banner together with two already known characters. In addition, a well-known and previously reliable leader on Twitter announced the following banners:

How do you get Yoimiya? The characters in Genhin Impact do not usually receive by prayers in banners, which are exchanged every two to three weeks. Only at this time can you, for a certain 5-star character, have your virgins. Virgins will receive you through many types of quests, events or updates in the Ingame mailbox. Otherwise, you can also buy crease crystals that can be converted into virgins. So you can then draw on the banner and hope for Yoimiya. Have you already prepared for Yoimiya and will draw on your banner? Does you possibly save on other characters? Write it into the comments. Among other things, three new characters from Inazuma were jelly.

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