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The Yard and SuperStar KO of Madden 21 is a Good Choice

 I encourage anyone based on whether they have just received the game from these reviews to try the game for themselves. The franchise community is upset (which is reasonable). No matter what kind of game they like, they will not be happy until they get the features they need. Provide support for them to get their feelings, but at the same time, I don't think they will leave excellent and honest comments. Here EZMUT Will gave honest comments for Madden 21 . Unless the game does not work correctly, the game should not get 0. Otherwise, the situation is not 100%. There must be mistakes and other areas that can be improved, but this is my actual evaluation of the game... I think the addition of The Yard and SuperStar KO from the previous Madden is a good addition because it can bring a fun casual gaming experience in which you can enjoy it. I think some of the new animations that have been put into use in the game so far are great. After watching the same animations throughout the

The ten Most Disappointing Games in 2020

 In 2020, the various 3A masterpieces are full, and many players are excited. However, whether a game is fun or not, only after the release can you experience it. Marvel’s Avengers, Godfall Fallen Gods, and The Last of Survivors 2 were all expected, but in the end, they all had their flaws. Although there are many great games in 2020, 10 games may be the most disappointing for players. Perhaps the gap after the game experience is too significant. From a gaming perspective, 2020 is one of the unique years fans may have seen. Although the global epidemic may shift other attention to some extent, many major 3A versions have been launched this year, and surprising indie games have been released. Besides, in 2020, Microsoft and Sony also released two brand new game consoles. Although the launch process was not smooth due to shortages and problems, they could gain the favor of Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 fans. Although there are many highs in 2020, there are also lows for this year. Many