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What are the QB and passed improvements of Madden 21?

 A more balanced running game brings more reliance on aerial attacks. To ensure that players have the tools needed for a more balanced offense in Madden 21 , Madden 21 has made some significant improvements to throwing NFL: Throw the sacks-all QBs can throw the ball out when cleared. The accuracy and effectiveness of the transfer are primarily determined by physics-the closer the QB is to the transfer animation, the more accurate the transfer is. However, if it hits the QB's arm or shoulder during the Pass, this will also affect accuracy. Throwing away the sacks does bring some risks. When combining QB and QB's strength (STR) level, the earlier the throwing animation, the easier it is for him to fall. Deep pass under the pressure-The new feature of Madden 21 is the "under pressure" throwing animation. When a deep pass is felt (the throwing distance from the pass point to the landing point is 40 yards or more), QB can Speed ​​up the throwing action according to the con

How to buy Madden 21 Ultimate Team Coins

Some people say that it is challenging to buy Madden 21 Coins , but we think it is not. Compared with the method in the game, you can still buy a lot of cheap coins within a few minutes and spend less. There are three main methods: third-party purchases, in-game purchases, and gift cards. Buy Madden 21 Coins through a third party Ranked players are usually the method used when selling Coins for Madden 21. Buying Madden 21 Coins, Madden21Coins and U4GM are generally favored by trusted sellers. This method requires almost no work from the seller, so it is the cheapest option when buying Madden 21. This is why many people use this method to buy cheap Madden 21 points. However, the disadvantage is that you need to bear a transaction tax. This will cause some people to leave, which is understandable. If you don't know what you are doing, fortunately, professionals like Madden21Coins and U4GM tend to provide a lot of information about this trading method for those who don't know much

What is the Best Madden 21 Offensive Playbooks

Madden 21 offensive end is perhaps the most exciting part. Who doesn't like to throw a 50-yard touchdown in a Hail Mary game? Although excessive passing is a viable option, a series of games on specific teams can further improve your game. Before Madden21Coins Editor delves into some of the best offensive gamebooks, it's good to know that these gamebooks have catered to specific players based on the roster you use. Cardinal Playbooks The Arizona Cardinals Playbooks may be the best offensive Playbooks in Madden 21. Cluster-centric formations around Shotgun formations can provide some crazy routes for your recipients to further separate them in the wild. Below, we will highlight some of the Cardinals' best Playbooks and explain why they are so great. Four vertical directions (Singleback Wing Flex Close)-move the receiver outward to the far left end; you want to catch the ball before it ends its movement. If the defensive back is assigned a back defense, the ball will be thro

How do you Throw a High Pass in Madden 21

There are five different pass types in Madden NFL 21, so knowing how to do a high pass (and when to do it) compared to the other access is an important skill to master. High passes are targeted above the receiver's head, and they are executed by holding L1/LB and pressing the receiver button. They have a slightly lower arc than a lob pass but will fly about as fast as a touch pass. This allows a receiver to make a catch with far less chance of interception against a defender who is shorter or lacks jumping ability. However, the receiver is at risk for being tackled immediately even if they catch it, and inferior quarterbacks may overthrow the receiver entirely. High passes are best used when the receiver only has to beat one defender. To throw a high pass or a lob pass in Madden 21, EA explains that lob passes can be performed by pressing and quickly releasing the receiver icon. The game makes a little indication of how long to hold the button before firing, which makes all the di

Madden 21 Tips for Beginners - Easier for you to get started

Madden 21 is a bit difficult for novices. Especially at the beginning, Madden can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. However, these Madden21coins offer tips that will make it easier for you to get started. Control linebacker In this example, the selected player is defender Mosley Even if it causes one or another significant move by your opponent initially, it will elevate your level to a better grade after some time. You can react better to pass/run the game and catch the ball more easily (especially for human players), mostly if you can guess the receiver's route. It is best to carry L2/LT with you so that LB keeps an eye on QB at all times, and you can stop the passing game more safely. Watch the game In any case, Anderson is inferior to him, Before you or your opponent catch the ball, press and hold L2/LT and watch the receiver/defender matchup. If you use the correct joystick to switch to a single player, you can see the probability of a successful action from the fou