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Madden NFL 22 Review - Back on the right track, mainly

Madden NFL (referred to as John Madden Football up until 1994) is an American football computer game series established by EA Tiburon for EA Sports. It is named after Pro Football Hall of Popularity trainer and also analyst John Madden, and it has actually marketed even more than 250 million copies. It is additionally the only formally qualified National Football Organization (NFL) computer game collection, as well as it has influenced numerous players and trains of the physical sporting activity. Amongst the collection' functions are detailed playbooks and gamer statistics and voice commentary in the design of a real NFL tv broadcast. Since 2013 the franchise has actually created over $4 billion bucks in sales. Digital Arts (EA) founder Journey Hawkins developed the collection as well as approached Madden in 1984 for his recommendation and also knowledge. Due to Madden's insistence that the video game be as realistic as possible, the very first version of John Madden Football did not show up until 1988. EA has actually released annual variations since 1990, and also the collection' name changed to Madden NFL in 1993 after EA got the legal rights to make use of NFL groups and players. Madden retired as a broadcaster in 2009, but proceeds to offer his name as well as to give experience for the video game franchise.

A year ago, I reviewed Madden NFL 21. I gave him the lowest critic score I had ever gave to a Madden game. It's more than a decade of criticism of Madden. If I'm brutally honest, I thought it was a cash seizure unacceptable to launch last year. It was a precipitated product filled with problems that played (and looked like) exactly as he had done the previous year. Of course, Madden 21 has improved over time; However, I always wonder why Ea Sports's senior management precipitated this and felt well in his skin.

A year later, I'm happy to announce that Madden NFL 22 is a complete experience. These bugs, half-cooked problems and modes of Madden 21 are not present this time. It is a grid game considerably improved compared to the one I played a year ago.

Needless to say, I'm relieved and it's great to review the Tiburon team shoot at full speed. Madden 22 is far from being a perfect experience and you do not see giant innovations this time. Still, many of these incremental features and incremental improvements requested by the community are a solid Madden experience and that fans can buy with confidence.

Just as we have seen each year for most of the last 15 years, EA Sports is not about to reshape this basic gaming experience. This is not a surprise because Madden has a massive fans base and a formula they follow each year. If you expect important innovations, you are in the wrong place.

Overall, running and passing feel largely the same. All your favorite modes are back like franchise, mut, online pvp, the yard, etc. Your favorite playbooks are back, just like X-Factors. On the surface, it seems almost identical to Madden NFL 21. However, almost all facets of this Madden package have been improved. The franchise has grown significantly, the game calls have been improved, the possibility of making adjustments at half-time is fantastic, you get new generation statistics, the ground advantage is significant and the race game seems more balanced.

If it is a mode that caught the most attention, it's the franchise mode. Last year, the franchise mode was outright embarrassing and it took months to get a significant update. It is clear that EA listened to his fans because Madden NFL 22 offers a franchise mode that is full of one ton of depth and more is coming after the launch. There is now a comprehensive staff management system where you can engage offensive and defensive coordinators. They also have their own skill trees, so you can improve your staff. The screening department also saw the facelift. Scouting players is now much more meaningful and strategic. There is a revised franchise hub and a new celebration of the Super Bowl. At the end of the line, franchise has improved, will continue to improve after launch and I'm here for that.

Another important novelty added this year is the new momentum system. Building your momentum counter in a game can unlock some advantages, called momentum factors, which can help giving your team advantage. This is particularly visible for home teams. Having this advantage on the ground means something. For example, if you play Denver, visit players can get tired of this high altitude of Colorado. In Seattle, the 12 will make it difficult to read the pre-game art. I found that trying to focus on the art of scribble before the game was a distraction and there is no doubt that it gave an advantage to my opponent.

Make money from Madden Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) returns and again, it does not seem that many changes have been made. There are still many opportunities to empty a cash cargo in this mode or simply grind as I'm sure most do it. Certainly, it feels really grumpy this year. Maybe I'm starting to get tired of fashion or maybe it's no longer my thing. The passion I had to evolve my team is no longer there as before. Perhaps because I know it's going to take a lot of hours just so that my global team is 80.

The big novelty of last year was The Yard, which I did not like at all. I still do not, but at least it seems a little more foster this year with its new progress system and solo campaign based on challenges. And it's more enjoyable this time. The mode always offers an arcade style 6V6 gameplay, crazy colorful equipment and some foolish games. You can create your own character and win rewards. The new unified progression system is also an interesting addition because now your avatar and all your progress, rewards and equipment earned in The Yard can be shared with Face of the Franchise. Yes, you can buy hardware for your player, so this dirty microtransaction element in the yard is back and apparently there to stay. Not surprising because AAA publishers are looking for more ways to shoot every penny of players.

I was extremely disappointed by Face of the Franchise last year and again, it seems that Madden does not really invest in this mode. This year, you take control of a prospect that tries to be recorded in the forefront. Your progression in the mode will determine how high you will be fished. There is a story that is slightly interesting and has a crowd of predictable characters (and often boring). Without this review, I would probably jump the fashion because I did not find the difficult games and I did not care about the characters. On the positive side, you can control a defensive player, which is a first, but that does not prevent the mode of being something that only the new young players of Madden will appreciate.

As for the gameplay, there are new tack animations that make the defense a little different and the race game is a little more balanced this time. Who passed; However, remains intact. I did not notice anything again in the field of passes, but the race game seems a little tighter, although a little slower compared to the last generation versions of the game. I agree with the lack Gameplay changes because over the years, the franchise has not left a lot of room for improvement. They apparently reached an ideal point and the community seems perfectly satisfied with that.

It is clear that more time with new generation material has been fruitful. Madden NFL 22 looks and feels like a step back in the right direction for the series. The basic gameplay remains largely unchanged, but almost all the modes of this Madden experience see a notable bump. All, considerably improved facial animations to a new robust franchise functionality, Madden NFL 22 quickly erases the stench that Madden NFL 21 has left launch. It's a complete experience and we could not say that last year. Other updates and fixes are coming, but at this point, Madden NFL 22 is a solid purchase and that should satisfy the community and fans.

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