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Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories Review - a medium-sized disaster - strange - Video Peeling news, instructions, exemplary procedures, reviews and culture

Disaster Report 4 is a bizarre experience whose charm and attraction quickly declines.

Postapokalyptic games are available everywhere, but mid-apocalyptic games are a bit less frequent. Here is the catastrophes report 4 trying to create a niche. By focusing on the decisions you meet during a big catastrophe, you can certainly lift yourself from other apocalyptic games. Unfortunately while catastrophes report 4 is certainly unique, it just does not have fun to play.

When you start the game, you will be led by a pretty simplified character creation, where you can change the gender and appearance of your character. Now do not worry, that's not Skyrim. Your customization options limit themselves to some preset faces for each gender and some preset hairstyles. That does not mean that it is bad. The character presets look at all decent enough. But it is certainly more limited than many other offers out there. After defining the physical appearance of your character, you will get some questions to define your character's personality.

"After the short character creation you will be thrown into the gameplay, where a massive earthquake breaks out while you arrive in a new city."

These questions are ... told Bizarre. The questions will be things like "Where are you from?" Be, and the answers often seem rather arbitrary. An answer could be: "I come from a city far from here," while another option is: "I'm not coming from here". The player is sitting there and is struggling to recognize the difference between the two. These decisions did not seem to have a real influence on the gameplay itself so that they were almost exclusively for the personal roleplay. That's fine, I suppose, but does not change the fact that you really feel strange and fails.

After the short character creation, you will be thrown into the gameplay in which a massive earthquake breaks while you arrive in a new city. After a short intermediate sequence (in which a strange, arbitrary dialog selection is again presented) the gameplay starts and you hike through the damaged streets of the city.

Mind you not the whole city; The game is divided into several phases, each consisting of several blocks of the city. In every phase, they hike through the area and try to find out how they can progress.

"This bizarre set of events is played completely straightforward. There is no second of ironic tradition or irony. "

The game initially has a strange charm. The core of the game is to help stranger to survive, and making decisions in dialogue. The whole thing has a bizarre B-Movie atmosphere and is initially really adorable. For example, and an early part of the game asks you to get water for an injured man in a supermarket. For some reason, none of you think of just taking something from the bar.

Instead, they have to dress up as an employee of the supermarket and serve the angry customers because the cashier crouches in the background. Then bring toilet paper to the managing director, which stuck in the bathroom and hardly has a role in sight. Only then can you buy the water for an exorbitant price from the manager to give it to the injured person. Oh, and at some point the real branch ladder comes in and runs away from the man, with whom she spoke, who is not actually the manager.

This bizarre set of events is completely played directly; There is no second of ironic tradition or irony. Then there are the dialog options displayed from time to time. These dive during the interaction with characters and are exactly how the choices in the character creation are often strangely arbitrary and poorly defined. It is not uncommon for a selection according to the motto "agree to help", "excited approved", "to help sigh and agree" etc. is offered. A particularly interesting option came at a point where I had to slip over a rocky leap.

Ashes of Creation - Combat Changes Are Here - July 2021 Update

"Most of the actual gameplay is either made of extremely simple puzzle solutions or boring and repeating call quests."

The game offered me some options as I wanted to proceed, such as "go over the Sims"; Or instead, I could choose "gently go over the Sims". I had to cross this lead over the entire level several times, and of course it was absolutely no difference between the two options in the actual gameplay recognizable.

It only exists to serve your personal roleplay. This and a system of moral points that allegedly follow their morality during the game. Through various choices you can collect points. Moral points for good decisions and immoral points for poor decisions. But here, too, this system did not seem to have a real impact on the gameplay, except that they were only visually remembered whether they have played a good or a bad person. Otherwise, nothing has changed in the experience.

In the first few hours, the weirdness and the seriousness of the entire experience are actually pretty charming, as many B films can be. It's not really good and sometimes it wonders, why something is as it is. And yet you go on, powered by a strange fascination for the whole. I was funny in the journey early and have put a lot of time in my strange and arbitrary decisions.

Unfortunately, the time ultimately reveals catastrophes report 4. After a few hours of playing time, the novelty of experience. And as soon as this spell is gone, you realize that the game is very, very little to keep you up. The majority of the actual gameplay exists either from extremely simple puzzle solutions or boring and repeating call quests. The arbitrary of the dialog options transfers itself to the actual gameplay with very specific and often frustrating blunt solutions in which you speak with each NPC or interact with each individual object, if this is not possible from an undefined and unacceptable reason, what you have need to advance.

"Katastrophes report 4 is sometimes a charming game. It has a serious, reminiscent of such bad, good B-movies, and in the first few hours, the game will take progress. "

As soon as the strange charm of the game decreases, you remain a game that is best described as boring. The game feels like a chore. At a certain mission, I had to return three times through an apartment complex. I would collect an object and return to the man who told me about only to learn about another object that I had to get on the other side of the complex. This is not a gameplay. that is a lot of work

Catastrophes Report 4 is sometimes a charming game. It has a serious, reminiscent of such bad, good B-movies, and in the first few hours, the game will take progress. Unfortunately, catastrophes report 4 also takes much longer than a B-movie, which gives him a lot of time so that the bizarre appeal gives way to boredom, frustration and boredom. I suppose some people could find a pleasure to squeeze out of their role play, at the same time strange specifically and abstract. But for most of us, the game will be thin after a few hours.

_ This game was tested on the PlayStation 4 ._


There is a certain B-Movie charm that makes the game sometimes strangely attractive.

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