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5 Hearthstone cards that can be laughing or cry soon

With "United in StormWind" there are 135 new cards inhearthstone. We want to highlight 5 special cards that will soon be for chaos.

The new Hearthstone extension "United in StormWind" is in the starting blocks and brings with a whopping 135 new cards. As usual, there are a number of "standard" cards that do not pretend especially out of the quantity and some cards with rather wound effects. Although the fit might not fit into every deck, but can provide laughter or have simply devastating effects.

We introduce you to 5 of these cards, which are very eye-catching us and betray what they can chaos chaos for a wonderful.

1. Sheldras Mistmasmond

The legendary Druid servant Sheldras Mistmasmond is pretty weak with values ​​of 5/5 and mana cost of 8, but has a pretty devastating battle cry: the next 3 spells that draw her are attacked when dragging.

This can of course be dangerous on one side, if one acts the wrong spell, but a well-tuned deck can easily save up to 30 mana to activate about particularly powerful buffs. So if you create a deck, which basically includes only expensive spells - in addition to serving - that can cause really evil combinations.

Whether you will find exciting and validing decks around Sheldras, remains to be seen. But at first glance, the ability to play three spells in vain is pretty devastating.

2 . Look for guidance

Although we had already talked about the priest quest series in another article, but it is just too interesting to not also mention them in this list. The quest "is looking for guided tour" Sets priests on the path that gives you guaranteed at the end. In several steps, the quest wants to play cards with the cost of 2 to 8 mana, whereby it as intermediate step always gives a card from the deck by "discovering".

If the priest completes the quest series, it is mixed into the deck at the end of the "purified splitter", which one must only pull. This is a spell for whopping 10 mana, but only a single, simple effect with him: destroys the enemy hero.

Even if the quest is not completely completed, she should set the opponent under psychological pressure, as the fear of the purified splitter alone could already lead to premature decisions.

3 . The demon

Hexammaster have a great disadvantage and that is the loss of their own life points. Some of their cards and even the heroic ability deprives the witch champion of his life points and makes it necessary for him to heal with different effects or finish the match very quickly.

The quest series "The Demon Sait" ensures that the loss of life points no longer represents a problem. If the witch champion is tormented by the quest series, for whom he has to suffer whopping 21 damage points in their own trains, then waves the salvation: a servant, which ensures the rest of the enemy hero's rest of the enemy hero in their own trains Life points loses instead of the hexamine.

A pretty risky quest and 21 itself caused damage points are a large house number. But fortunately, the witch champion has access to many cards with life robbery and soul splinters that can catch this.

4 . Enthusiastic banker

The enthusiastic banker is a double-edged sword and will probably be able to decide on a game in the solo. As a neutral servant for 3 mana with values ​​of 2/3, the probability is quite high that the banker is relatively fast the temporal blessing. If, however, it stays longer, then it develops into a real "Lootbox" for the appropriate player.

Because at the end of the train of your owner, the banker stores a card from the deck. The card is thus removed from the deck and instead in the death toler the banker. If the banker is then defeated, the death toler is ensured that all previously stored cards hike on the player's hand.

The danger, however, is that the opponent simply brings the banker to silence - and thus transports all stored cards into Nirvana.

In addition, the banker can help you relatively quickly in the exhaustion state. If she ends up unplanned by a spell or other effect unplanned on the battlefield and not eliminated, she gnaws in each train at its own deck ...

5 . Lady Prestor

There are only very few cards in Hearthstone, which ensure that your whole deck changes. Just such a card is Lady Prestor. It is known from Vanilla times in World of Warcraft and the Dragon Lady Onyxia in the form of a noble that advises the king's son of Anduin. In Hearthstone she is a 6/7 servant for 6 mana - that's quite solid. However, her battle cry will fall into the chaos your deck, because all servants in your deck are turned into random dragons!

However, the servants retain their original values ​​and costs. So it is possible for your death swing to play for 1 mana or suddenly a Ysera with the values ​​1/1 on the hand.

The possibilities are almost endless and can cause you to suddenly have an extremely devastating deck or complete nonsense.

In any case, Lady Prestor is likely to be suitable for saving sweeteners who like to play with great dragons, but they do not have in their collection.

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When will the extension appear? It starts on the 2nd of August, so already next Tuesday. As a rule, the release of a new extension takes place in the evenings between 18:00 and 20:00. Then you will be asked to reassign the game. Afterwards you can play the new content, open card packs and experiment with the new cards.

Are you looking forward to the new Hearthstone extension? Or do you do not feel like the card game due to the current Blizzard scandal?

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