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How to Easily Grow Madden NFL 21 coins?

In Madden NFL 21, you have to farm many coins if you want to put a competitive team MUT. It would help if you had coins to buy a new player or combination to make the necessary upgrades. We want to show you the best way to earn MUT Coins quickly and efficiently in Madden Ultimate Team. The key to MUT's success is coins. Of course, your skills in the controller are also necessary. Still, if you don't invest in new players or professional combinations, you will have almost no chance to fight against an established team of gold and elite players. Here, you can learn how to earn many coins through the auction house or use MUT drafts to recharge your coin account.

If you start MUT mode for the first time, you will directly enter the first solo challenge. Here, you can fight against the AI ​​and clear the first batch of Madden 21 coins, players, and backpacks. However, if you complete all the solo challenges, you will only get about 65,000 coins in total. When you look at a large number of tasks, this is nothing. Nevertheless, we recommend that you complete the first challenge to maintain your strength in several positions.

Since the solo challenge will take too much time, we want to show you the best and fastest method so far, by which we can grow a lot of coins. Keyword: "Find a player."

In the MUT menu, go to "Featured" and "Get Player." Here, you pay 500 coins for random players. It may not sound very profitable initially, but we can assure you that almost all players in this random combination are worth more than 500 coins. In most cases, you will get silver players, but you also have a chance to get gold medals and elite players, who are usually worth more than 10,000 coins.

Now, you are selling these players in an auction house for huge profits. Besides, you can undoubtedly strengthen your team first, but you should sell them for huge profits since this is related to coins. This is the easiest way, and even beginners can quickly internalize it. We will show you the auction house and MUT drafts below.

Make Coins at the auction house.

You can also find the option "Auction and Transaction" under "Shop" in the MUT menu. This is the auction house where you can buy, sell, and trade player cards. If you want to make money, please consider the following methods, also known as "sniping," in the community.

Before starting the detailed introduction, here is a quick summary: you need to pay attention to those players who are selling below their value, catch them, and then immediately sell them for a higher price. Here, you should use the page for help-more on this later.

This is a guide to farming methods in "auctions and transactions":

In the auction house, you can sort players according to "newest" and select "Silver" under "Quality" at the beginning. You can buy a few coins and farm coins early to buy silver players.

If you find a player that is below the average retail price, buy it. This situation usually occurs at night or when the market is high when a new event starts.

You can repack players into teams or exchange coins. In most cases, you can slightly increase the "Buy Now" price, so you have already earned a few coins.

After collecting a lot of coins, you can repeat this process as you like. But what is certain is that your coin account will gradually increase, and you will soon be able to use this method with Coinsmedal or elite players. These will usually bring you more profits.

MUT draft to get more coins

If you want to grow gold coins quickly, the last method is more for advanced players. But through luck and practice, newcomers to Madden can also benefit from it. You can select MUT Draft through "Play" in the Madden Ultimate Team menu. The most profitable model here is Ranked Draft.

Here, you will form a team and have a face-to-face confrontation with other players. The ticket fee is 15,000 gold coins. This is a lot, especially at the beginning, but it is worth it! You played four games, and the draft was over after your first defeat. If you succeed in achieving two victories, you will receive 10,000 coins and a gold medal package. This package should provide you with solid participants in the first few weeks.

You can keep or sell gold players as usual. There are 2,000 to 20,000 coins here. Besides, since you start at the lowest level and compete with players of the same level, the opponent's strength is relatively weak at the beginning. If you even achieved four victories-which should be difficult-you will receive 20,000 coins and an Elite Player Pack reward.

Bonus: complete set

It's also great: you can fill up the so-called upgrade sets with all the cards you get when you plant coins and open the package. If you have collected all the cards in a group, you will win a star player for your team. You can also view the players acquired after completing these games and buy and sell cards accordingly.

Example: In the Denver Broncos collection, you can get players like Demaryius Thomas, Von Miller, or Aqib Talib. Therefore, many players will try to complete these games and increasingly buy Bronco players at higher prices in auction houses. For the above methods, please remember!


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