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Valuable Madden NFL 21 Guide to help you Enjoy the game

EA plans to release a new update for Madden NFL 21, which will solve another long-term problem in the franchise model, making player transactions easier to understand and more realistic. Since its launch last year, the latest version of the NFL sim card has been welcomed by critics and fans. Some people even called for the NFL to abandon EA and let another company take charge of the video game adaptation because of the lack of improvement in the series in the past few years. This is not the first time EA has released an update to improve the franchise model in Madden 21. After fan feedback and criticism, the developers made many significant changes to the signature game mode. Many users feel that the latest version fails to improve on its previous version and lacks essential features. So far, EA has changed the logic of the QB draft to make the drafting of the quarterback more realistic and give users the ability to add X elements and Superstar features to their players. Here Ezmut shares some Useful Madden NFL 21 Guides for MUT FANS. This website is a professional website that provides MUT Coins.

Control Linebacker or security

In the previous part, you were best defensively when you controlled the (center) defender, and in Madden 21, it's better to take safety measures. A new skill value (called direction change) makes it more difficult to change direction quickly, especially for linebackers, because this value is significantly affected by the player's size and weight. Great linebackers have correspondingly lower values ​​and are therefore more challenging to control. Consequently, it is sometimes advantageous to maintain security instead of intercepting passes and following the route better.

Watch out for opponents.

Personnel is understood as a lineup of opposing offenses, that is, how many guards (RB), fast serve (TE), and wide catch (WR) are involved in this move. Count the points scored by the guard and the tight end, and then get the number of WRs-there must be a total of 5 players. For example, having 12 personnel means 1 RB, 2 TEs, and 2 WRs on site. When you select a defensive turn, you can see the opponent's personnel in the lower-left corner. For personnel with less than three receivers (such as 12, 13, 21), you should assume that the opponent is running and enters a 3-4 or 4-3 defense, and you prefer to have three or more WRs to become nickel The shape (corner backplane instead of line backplane).

Use joysticks instead of buttons for skill movement

Even though it's easier to use the keys to move skill in the offense, it is best to use the right analog stick for some tricks. This is because these actions can be chained together without having to interrupt the animation in a short time. This means that, for example, rotation and jogging can be more easily performed in a flowing manner and, therefore, more effective.

Don't press R2/RT immediately while running playback

Keep R2/RT directly after the ball is handed over. That is, the temptation of the game is, of course, great. As a result, you will be hit in the backcourt much more frequently than usual. This is because if you sprint immediately after the handover, your O line and the end of the tight line will not be adequately blocked. In this way, you pass the flowers blooming, and D-Line / Linebacker will surprise you. Therefore, please always wait patiently and only start running when you find the O line's open gap.

Watch the game

Before you or your opponent catch the ball, press and hold L2/LT and watch the receiver/defender matchup, if you use the correct joystick to switch to a single player, you can see from the four statistics how great the chance of successful action is. Distinguish speed, altitude (size), RT run (route run), and release (entry). Speed ​​and altitude should be self-explanatory. With fast players, you will have an advantage, the route will be longer, and the receiver can separate himself from the cornerback at his speed; with height, you can throw a high ball to reach the ball first. RT Run is beneficial for a timed delivery because you can see how the receiver can run its designated route and how much it follows. Release means the speed at which the pass receiver can get away from the opponent shortly after the fast stroke, so the word begin starts with because it means more than just the beginning.


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