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How to use Madden 21 filters intelligently

The developers of Madden NFL 21 will launch the last of the three rounds of updates promised by the game's franchise model on March 4. Although very detailed and technical in the areas of solution and improvement, these updates can still meet the long-term needs of franchisees, who believe that the latest games have little effect on improving the core model.

The core of the deck change is the redesign of the game player's trading logic and the overall player evaluation based on behavior. The changes described by the designers of EA Tiburon in a blog post on Wednesday aim to bring the superstar's trading closer to what we see in real life, based on changes in perceptions of real trading over the years.

We recommend not to search for all Madden 21 Ultimate Team players on the page at 59 minutes and 50 seconds. First, because the way to enter this page is too long, you may be logged out. Second, because the information you need to check is pervasive, it is almost impossible to know the exact market price of all cards.

Using filters intelligently is half the battle. This is essential:

Define a market sample you are familiar with

Choose a nationality, a league, or even a player. If you know that the samples on the market are reasonable, you can quickly determine what you want to buy and master the process faster. However, you should note that if the filter is too restrictive, speed will not be critical because you will never see any exciting cards. The trick is to create a balanced filter for the market where you are an expert and keep updating the page in close to 59 minutes and 59 seconds. To access this page, some users use special software, such as automatic click. We also provide more practical options, but the most dishonest opportunities, but we will not share these options to protect the community.

Don't search for the same things as others.

The strategy of filtering only for regular Ronaldo cards is flawed. Many gamers are seeking the highest profit. Therefore, many people make filters for Ronaldo cards. Try something different. Try to filter what you have a chance to get.

Pay attention to the number of cards in circulation on the market.

If the selected filter covers cards with a large volume of transactions in the market, the chances of transactions will be higher.

Pay attention to the value of the filtered card.

Naturally, applying the 59-minute method to cards worth 1K or 2K coins is very useless. Those who waste a lot of time expect sustained returns. When using filters, you must be careful to choose cards with a specific mut coins expression. Finding Kant at half the price is not the same as finding Bailey at the same discount.


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