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What is the Madden 21 college playbook face of the franchise?

In Madden 21, the face of the franchise, you are a genius and talented athlete who has studied since high school. He has not played football since the popular Warner era. After joining the team, you will become Tommy Matthews's backup quarterback, your foil for the rest of your journey to the National Football League.

If you can overcome this strange situation, the rest of the storyline will be full of unrealistic and incredible obstacles. Matthews finally returns with a clean health bill and instead uses a wide receiver, begging you to feed him the ball so that he can go to college in another location. You can finally choose the university course you want to join, and Matthews chose the same university-but inexplicably decided to change back to the quarterback.

When I was in my junior year at LSU, the game started again. There, Ed Orgeron was replaced by a meaningless cartoon representative of the first national defense coach. He was completely uninterested in your offensive ability. No matter how many touchdowns you put in a user-controlled game, the head coach decides to take turns starting the two of you throughout the season. You will enter the college football playoffs' semifinals and lead your team to victory, only if your coach lets you into the finals.

Due to serious health problems recurring, Matthews withdrew from the national championship game at halftime. After defeating Clemson, Matthews handed him the playoff trophy in the hospital. It seems that Matthews' career has come to an unfortunate stage, but at least you have resolved your differences and forged an indissoluble bond, right?

No! Before the senior season, when you wait for Matthews to return to the shared apartment from the hospital, your head coach will show up and tell you that he intends to start Matthews – the man who nearly died on the court due to bad conditions. Medical advice! -Among the quarterbacks throughout the senior season. You can then choose to leave the daft or switch to a wide receiver or running back.

How to change your Playbook in the Madden 21 face of the franchise

Step 1: Before starting the game, immediately enter the team selection screen.

Step 2: Press A/X to select your team

Step 3: Click Advanced Settings

Step 4: Now, you can scroll through and select the offensive and defensive gamebooks you want to use

I'm supplying this game the rating it deserves at a substantial fatten. It has accomplished anything that's frankly not relatively uncomplicated. EA has, on the other hand, after additional managed to dupe billions of dollars from you men and ladies into finding a game despite their 

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